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16 December, 2011

Christopher Hitchens

RIP Mr. Hitchens you were much appreciated and will be greatly missed. I hope you have not woken up to find yourself in the, as you so famously and recurrently put it, Celestial North Korea however, if you have I hope that you are, at the very least, accompanied by the great thinkers, philosophers and leaders of history so that you can together ponder how and why for eternity. You inspired me and thousands of others to take the risk and think for ourselves about all of this and for that I couldn't thank you enough sir.

07 December, 2011

Pen Jillette: Bug Nutty Bat Shit Crazy Politics

Pen talks about politicians racing for the white house and how seriously we should take their religious beliefs. An excellent video with excellent information that I think everyone should watch. 

01 December, 2011

Facinating Thought

I am watching the CMT Christmas special and was thinking about... well quite a few things.. but plug this into your brain right now. Think about if we had a space-time machine and we could go where ever and whenever we wanted. Knowing everything we know about our world even as a common man. Are people really willing to say that when they get to Jesus' time period and see this guy they're going to honestly believe he's the son of God? Even If they see a "miracle" would it, with all of our knowledge from the future, be as miraculous as it may have seemed to the impoverished, illiterate middle eastern people that Jesus spoke to, or would he simply look like some cliche conjure man that are still plaguing places like illiterate villages in India? Taking it further See Jesus' "immaculate" conception or his birth in "Bethlehem" (was it immaculate? I'd love to have been there for that. Was it Bethlehem? Probably not he was most likely born in Nazareth.) Also other than Biblical what else have we gotten wrong? How did people actually live during the ice age? The dark age? The age of the pharaohs in Egypt? Greece? Rome? How much did we get wrong and how much did we get right? Where the fuck is Atlantis?? Think about all of that for a minute. Really think. What would you ACTUALLY see if you were there as you are now, as you know now.