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30 August, 2011

Morals? Are we STILL Having this Argument?

A Plea to Atheists: Pedophilia is Next on the Slippery Slope

     I just found this article by Rabbi Moshe Averick. The quote that sent me into a furious rage is this "There is nothingthat atheistic societies are incapable of rationalizing and accepting – including the sexual molestation of children." There is nothing more insulting and fundamentally untrue as saying that because I do not believe in God I can rationalize molesting children.
     The rabbi is one of very few that still uses this line of thought; Most apologists and theists, notably William Lane Craig, have moved on to saying that even though Atheists don't believe in god we still have an innate moral compass set by God. Either way of thinking is complete absurdity but sticking with the Rabbi. Freud realized and explained how morals sociobiologically evolved. This has been stated as well as explained constantly to theists and yet it seems to still be their favorite argument to latch on to especially now that they can just say that god has given you a moral compass so you're moral no matter what. It's absolutely and completely nonsensical to suggest such a thing. It can not be falsified since we can't take the moral compass away which makes this explanation void to science, a non explanation.
     As to the quote saying that I am capable of pedophilia because I'm an atheist and can somehow rationalize it I offer you this. I AM an atheist and I, sure as there is no hell, can not even begin to contemplate justification for such an IMMORAL action. Your holy book, rabbi, sanctions sexual abuse and rape quite blatantly. So I ask you who is more likely to rationalize pedophilia? An atheist who knows it's wrong because of empathy, values, and morals, Or you who can quite easily chalk it up to the bible, which is to you, If you are indeed a practicing jew, the infallible word/doctrine of God. Again I ask you Rabbi who is more likely to rationalize this sick disgusting act of which you label me as quite easily being able to do? He is Just as able to rationalize it there's just one fundamental thing he says stopping him; God. While I've stated that his holy book sanctions this lets just say that it doesn't just to give him a boost Lets also say that this rationalization is plausible. As I said, he can rationalize it but doesn't do it because he's got someone watching him, I can rationalize it and not do it because I know it's wrong. Now FEEL FREE to correct me if I'm wrong on this but doesn't that make me.... inescapably MORE moral than the rabbi? I do believe I've won this round.

     I'll depart with, what I think is an excellent retort to the rabbi left on the website by a Scott M.
Vienna Presbyterian Church seeks forgiveness, redemption in wake of abuse scandal
Sexual abuse in the church: not just a “Catholic problem”

     Once more I ask you Rabbi. Who is more likely?


  1. I followed you over from that post. Once again, atheism is reduced to amorality (the rabbi completely missed to boat on that definition, as well). It never fails to amaze me how quickly atheists are compared to the worst people in history. 'You can't live a moral life through choice, someone has to tell you what's moral!' Absurd.

  2. Well thank you for following me Debra I hope you enjoyed my debate with the rabbi as much as I did. We CAN fight back against these insane theists, and I think it's really our duty to do so. Not to mention having debates improves our arguments which is one thing that I do actually appreciate the rabbi for